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Thank God for making all things possible! I can’t believe how I went from home-to-home as a child to now almost being a homeowner in a few days! My God is mighty good. He is amazing, and I am just in awe of his miracle-working power. He just keeps on elevating me and providing all my needs. God has taken me places I never could have imagined…and the fact there is still air in my lungs means He is not done with me yet! I love Him in good times and in bad times. He will always be the God I serve. I am so happy!
Hagar was a slave who had been sexually used and verbally abused. Hagar was a woman amazed that God heard her cries and saw her misery…that He took note of her condition and actually spoke to her. I understand her surprise. I am still amazed that the Creator of the Universe sees me, hears me, takes note of me, and speaks to me – and to you.
Sharon Jaynes
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